PEEK 3D Printing Filament


IEMAI 3D excellent adhesion & bio-compatibility PEEK filament greatly improve the impact resistance, strength, and durability of prototypes. Proven precise electrical/electronic parts application. Suitable also for aerospace, automotive, chemical and medical industries.


Color: Nature

Diameter: 1.75 mm

Weight: 1 kg



Download PEEK Filament TDS

Download PEEK Filament MSDS

PEEK is a colourless organic thermoplastic polymer in the PAEK family. PEEK is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties that are retained to high temperatures. PEEK has an excellent bio-compatibility and close to bone modulus, which allow it to become a favorable material for implantation. PEEK is used to fabricate items like bearings, piston parts, pumps, high performance liquid chromatography columns, compressor plate valves and electrical cable insulation. It is one of the few plastics compatible with ultra-high vacuum applications, which makes it suitable for aerospace, automotive and chemical industries.

IEMAI 3D high performance PEEK material comes from China, and we use our own production line to make it into size 1.75mm filament. It is based on FFF/FDM technology with excellent layer adhesion.


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