PEI 9085 3D Printing Filament


IEMAI 3D higher impact strength PEI 9085 filament is widely used in the aerospace field. It can be used to manufacture aerospace components, electronic equipment casings & brackets, aviation instrument panels, etc. It can also be used to manufacture automotive parts, medical devices, and electronic products.


Color: Nature

Diameter: 1.75 mm

Weight: 1 kg



Download PEI 9085 Filament TDS

Download PEI 9085 Filament MSDS

Originally developed by General Electric Plastics Division (now SABIC) in the early 1980s with registered trademark ULTEM 9085. PEI 9085 is a material that has excellent thermal properties, exceptional dimensional stability, good chemical resistance, and inherent flame retardant. Similar as PEI 1010 but it is higher impact strength. PEI 9085 is also relatively low molding temperature and good fluidity. So, it is an ideal selection for aviation applications. Also, it is widely used in electrical/electronic and automotive industries.

IEMAI 3D high performance PEI 9085 filament in diameter 1.75 mm is based on FFF/FDM technology with excellent layer adhesion. Thus, able to improve the strength and impact resistance of prototypes.


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